I bought my plane tickets

I bought my plane tickets from Detroit to Budapest (via Amsterdam), and Budapest to St. Petersburg yesterday (Friday). It is now official, I am going to Russia. Now, we need to work on train and accomodations – then visas. I am also debating what I should do about my return flight. Should I buy a ticket, and then if I end up staying, cancle it for a $100 fee? I think that may be the better choice because if I don’t end up staying, and I have to get a return ticket at the last minute, it will be very expensive.

Today, I signed up for the the Foreign Services Officer exam, which will take place in April. This will tell me if I am “Foreign Service Officer” material. I bought a study guide today, and the exam doesn’t look too dificult. Apparently, it is free.

Oh, by the way, I did very well on my character quiz last week, but now I need to study for a character/grammar test to take place next Thursday. I have another exam that day, the mid term for my networks class.


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