Hello again… This week sucks

Hello again…

This week sucks – in terms of school work – the week before Spring Break. I have an exam on Wednesday, and two on Thursday. For Spring Break, I am going to Hungary.

I came across this article from the International Herald Tribune: News analysis: Chirac’s outburst exposes contradiction within EU. Have a read, then come back to this page to see my reactions.

Go on, read it.

Ok, I said it before, and I will say it again. The French are a bunch of assholes, and their leader just reinforced my opinion. I don’t say this at all because Chirac (and the French) opposes the U.S. policies toward Iraq – in fact, I am not a big fan of the policies either. I say this because he is, in a sense, threatening the EU membership of the canidate nations who happen to support the U.S. policies (nations including Hungary, Czech Republic, etc…) – who are set to join the EU in 2004. Just because these nations happen to support a nation other than France doesn’t give him a right to bitch about about it and threaten the EU membership. He should go cry to his mother, not the EU.


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