Quick update on my immediate

Quick update on my immediate future. I am leaving this Sunday, May 4, for Budapest Hungary. Two of my friends will accompany me. We will stay with my parents for 2 nights. On May 7, we will board a plane to St. Petersburg, Russia. We will stay there for 4 nights. We will take a train to Moscow, where we will stay 4 nights. We then board a train bound for Ulaan Baatar, Mongolia. We will be on this train for 5 nights. I expect it to be never-ending excitement! We will stay in Ulaan Baatar for 5 nights. We will then fly to Beijing, finally arriving on May 24, AM. Is my math correct?

By the way, May 24 is my birthday. 22!

My 2 friends will stay until the 28th. I will remain for work. I am working for a company called IT United (www.ituc.com). My official title is: “R&D Consultant for Open Source Technologies” I am still not quite sure what all I will be doing, but it will involve Linux and programming. 🙂

It is a little past midnight here in Ann Arbor, Michigan. I will go with my two friends to Chicago (~4 hour drive) to go to the Chinese Consulate to get our visas. There is a small hitch, though. The fastest service they provide is 24 hours. This means, the earliest we can get our visas will be May 1. Guess what May 1 is? Yes. a freaken Chinese holiday. grrr.. So, we will beg and plea, but I won’t be surprised if they say no. If this happens, we will need to try to get our visas in Budapest, Moscow, and then Ulaan Baatar. Otherwise, we are screwed.

You may be wondering why we didn’t get our visas sooner? Well, it took a few weeks to get our Russian visas. Basically, we got our passports (with the visas) back sometime last week. We planned on driving to Chicago this week, and it worked out that we would go on Wednesday and spend the night. Well, I booked a hotel 2 days ago not realizing that May 1, the consulate is closed. Crap. Well, we just realized this yesterday (Tuesday) at about 11:30. If we were able to hop in a car and drive there, it would be well past 2:30pm (at which time the visa office closes!). And if that isn’t crazy enough, it turns out the room I booked is non-refundable. We can’t cancle the damned thing.

One thing after another to make this trip a disaster. First, we had to cut out our travels around China due to SARS. Second, one of the guys planning on doing the Russia/Mongolia trip had his Russian visa rejected. I don’t think he is a spy… Now this. Jeez.


Yesterday (Sunday), I worked in

Yesterday (Sunday), I worked in the computer lab from 9:30am until about 7:30/8:00pm. I am working on our 3rd project in EECS 489, the Networking class. This project is a multicast game — multiplayer. it is pretty fun, but a bunch of work. I will be working very late tonight. I think well past 3am.

Tonight, I will fax the Russian company our order form for the Russian part of the summer trip.

I have a feeling this war will work to our advantage interms of reservations and number of tourists at various locations.

Yesterday in my CIS 301

Yesterday in my CIS 301 class (the business computing course I am in), we were doing a database lab. The professor gave some instructions that involved typing in the astrisk (*) character. One of the students in the class rose his hand and asked “how to we type an astrisk?” That is just sad…

I am in the computer

I am in the computer lab, have been since 7:45pm my time. This is the third night in a row that I am here past 4am (well, it will be in 10 minutes). We are just about done with our project, so I don’t anticipate being here much longer… I have a 9am class. 🙂

Hi, it is almost 10am,

Hi, it is almost 10am, and I am off to the library to study for my character quiz. Last night, I worked on a group project for my Networks class until about 4:30am. The previous night, we worked until just after 4am. It is still not done, and it happens to be due in 8 minutes. Thank goodness for late days. I really hope tonight will be an earlier night, but worse things have happened.

It is Tuesday, back at

It is Tuesday, back at school. Yesterday was a typical Monday – I woke up early due to jet-lag (well, that isn’t typical…) and went to Chinese class at 9am – through the -12 degrees centigrade weather. We had a oral quiz (a speaking excersize) – I didn’t do stellar on it, but I blame the timezone change. I fell asleep in my 2:30 class – only for a bit. The exam I took for that class (CIS 301 – Intro. to Business Computing Systems, or something like that) was held on the Wednesday before break – February 19 – I finished in 20 minutes (we had an hour and a half). Well, I got a 88% on the darn thing – 6 wrong – but, the mean was a 78 and the median was a 84, so I am still smarter than the majority of the people in the class. 🙂

Today, I have a quiz in my Chinese class (at 2:00pm) – it is a pinyin vocab quiz on the lesson “Post Office”. So now, when I am in China this summer, I will be able to send a letter. I will not comment on whether or not I will return to China to work full-time, yet.

We have a project due on Thursday for my networks class – it looks hard. I may not sleep tonight.

I suppose I should now study for for my quiz..