I am now in Budapest,

I am now in Budapest, Hungary – it is ~2300. I arrived this morning (Sunday) around 1030. I will stay until next Sunday, I should arrive in Detroit around 1330.

Here is a good link: clock,


CNN has more quotes from

CNN has more quotes from Chirac. My favorite is “These countries have been not very well behaved and rather reckless of the danger of aligning themselves too rapidly with the American position.”

It seems that the other current EU nations of Britian, Spain, Italy, Denmark, and Portugal also misbehaved…

Hello again… This week sucks

Hello again…

This week sucks – in terms of school work – the week before Spring Break. I have an exam on Wednesday, and two on Thursday. For Spring Break, I am going to Hungary.

I came across this article from the International Herald Tribune: News analysis: Chirac’s outburst exposes contradiction within EU. Have a read, then come back to this page to see my reactions.

Go on, read it.

Ok, I said it before, and I will say it again. The French are a bunch of assholes, and their leader just reinforced my opinion. I don’t say this at all because Chirac (and the French) opposes the U.S. policies toward Iraq – in fact, I am not a big fan of the policies either. I say this because he is, in a sense, threatening the EU membership of the canidate nations who happen to support the U.S. policies (nations including Hungary, Czech Republic, etc…) – who are set to join the EU in 2004. Just because these nations happen to support a nation other than France doesn’t give him a right to bitch about about it and threaten the EU membership. He should go cry to his mother, not the EU.

I bought my plane tickets

I bought my plane tickets from Detroit to Budapest (via Amsterdam), and Budapest to St. Petersburg yesterday (Friday). It is now official, I am going to Russia. Now, we need to work on train and accomodations – then visas. I am also debating what I should do about my return flight. Should I buy a ticket, and then if I end up staying, cancle it for a $100 fee? I think that may be the better choice because if I don’t end up staying, and I have to get a return ticket at the last minute, it will be very expensive.

Today, I signed up for the the Foreign Services Officer exam, which will take place in April. This will tell me if I am “Foreign Service Officer” material. I bought a study guide today, and the exam doesn’t look too dificult. Apparently, it is free.

Oh, by the way, I did very well on my character quiz last week, but now I need to study for a character/grammar test to take place next Thursday. I have another exam that day, the mid term for my networks class.

Well, This is my second

Well, This is my second attempt at keeping a web-based journal. As you can see, the website is almost finished – i.e. most of the functions seem to work. Actually, for this blog, I am using blogger.com for the front-end blog entry, then I post to an xml file that resides on the server my website is on. The blog.php page then parses this xml file. Pretty neat, well, maybe not.. Any way…

The summer trip is going well. We have tickets held for the plane trips from Detroit to Budapest (via Amsterdam), and from Budapest to St. Petersburg. We are currently looking at a few different options for the transsib portion of the trip, cost is an issue!

I have a problem set for my Networks class due today at 10am (that is in 9 hours). I actually finished it in about 3 hours, which is quite strange because it usually takes forever for me to complete problem sets.

I have a Chinese character quiz tomorrow that I need to study – the lesson is “Seeing a Doctor”. Does this work:?

(It doesn’t, but…)

This is all for now…

— ????